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Gaming Headquaters
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Subject:Nintendo "Revolution"
Time:11:14 am
I want in very bad ways!


I want the red one, hehehehehehe.

I am sooooooooooooooo going to go broke between this and the XBox 360...

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Subject:Not to much from me...
Time:01:47 pm
I haven't been updating to much with news...but I should have a La Pucelle Review up soon....

Also FFVII won Greatest Game Ever at GameFAQ...and if it wasn't for Starcraft I could of been in the top 5...>.<

I wish CT would of won tho :(

Also True Fantasy Online was cancelled, its about a week old, but I think it will hurt XBL for MMORPG Fans..
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Time:09:40 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Darn you, Nintendo and Microsoft! So not even fair to release Halo 2 (November 9th, baby...and my copy shall be DIRECTLY shipped to me, YAY YAY YAY YAY!) and Resident Evil 4...I'm going to be broke!

Plus, I was looking at the new Zelda and Metriod Prime games...and of course, Paper Mario 2. I need a job to feed my video game habit, hehe.

(Finally, gamers got a EFFING RELASE DATE ON HALO 2!
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Subject:Handheld E3 List
Time:10:28 pm
I guess mobile is phone...that FFVII gets my interest...O_o

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of the Twonkies
Around the World in 80 Days
Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Backyard Basketball
Classic NES Series: Bomberman
Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong
Classic NES Series: Excitebike
Classic NES Series: Ice Climber
Classic NES Series: Pac-Man
Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros.
Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda
Classic NES Series: Xevious
Digimon Racing
Donkey Kong Country 2
Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors
Duel Masters: Sempai Legends
FIFA Soccer 2005
F-Zero 2
Gundam Seed: Battle Assault
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
The Incredibles
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Lord of the Rings, The Third Age
Madden NFL 2005
Mario Golf: Advance Tour
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun
Metal Slug Advance
The Polar Express
SD Gundam Force
Shaman King
Shark Tale
Spider-Man 2
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2
The Urbz: Sims in the City (working title)

3D Slam Ping Pong
Age of Empires II Gold
The Arctic Challenge
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII
Crash 'N' Burn
DJ Bubble Multiplayer
Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy
Flynn's Adventures
Fox Sports Boxing
Fox Sports Hockey '04
Golden Tee Golf Tournament
IF Racing 2
Midtown Madness 3
Ren & Stimpy Pinball
Sabre Wulf
Shado Fighter
South Park
The Terminator
Zoo Tycoon 2
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Current Music:Toshiro Masuda - Hinata VS Neji
Subject:PS2, Gamecube, and X-box E3 List
Time:10:15 pm
Very Long
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Subject:E3 List for PC Games
Time:01:38 am
Large List

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Current Music:Peter Griffin - I need a Jew XD
Time:09:09 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
Atlus USA has secured the distribution rights for Nippon Ichi Software's newest comical strategy RPG title Phantom Brave. The follow-up to last year's highly popular PlayStation 2 title Disgaea: Hour of Darkness will be available in the US in fall, carrying a suggested retail price of $49.99 US.

BTW if anybody wants to...they can post their own info..just let me know...
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Subject:YAY ^_^
Time:09:06 pm
Agetec will publish Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 2 remake Wild ARMs Alter Code: F in the US sometime this fall. Sony Computer Entertainment America apparently had passed on bringing the game to American shores, despite releasing the previous three games in the series here.

The development team at Media Vision is currently working on the series' newest and presumably non-remake installment, Wild ARMs Another Code F.
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Current Music:Beath of Fire V - Trinity Pit
Time:12:25 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
Both the Sony and Nintendo crows can partake in the caped hero's second adventure. First screens inside.
Last year, one of the most acclaimed GameCube exclusives was Capcom's cartoon-style beat-'em-up, Viewtiful Joe. Today, the publisher announced the game's sequel, Viewtiful Joe 2, will also be available for the PlayStation 2 when it is released this coming winter. Capcom also released the first images from the cel-shaded title.

Like the original, Viewtiful Joe 2 will feature a mix of 2D and 3D action. Returning are Joe, the film-geek-turned-superhero, and his girlfriend Silvia, who is now a superheroine herself. Both characters will be playable from the beginning of the game.

Besides having 40 new types of enemies, the sequel will also span several new environments, including a jungle, underground ruins, ancient Japan, snowy mountains and outer space. Joe's Six Machine will get new transformational powers that will let it turn into a racer, cannon, drill or submarine during different stages of the game. The caped hero will also receive a new VFX power, "Replay," which will let him triple the effect of attacks or power-ups.

News has been slow O_______O
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Subject:FF on GBA
Time:09:47 am
Square Enix will bring Final Fantasy I and II to Game Boy Advance. Titled Final Fantasy I and II Advance, the two remakes will feature new elements not found in previous versions. Final Fantasy I will have an extra dungeon called Soul of Chaos, which will feature boss monsters from various Final Fantasy installments and valuable, new items. Furthermore, an MP system will be implemented into the new version. Final Fantasy II will include an extra story titled Soul of Rebirth. As part of this new episode, the game will feature new event scenes, monsters and items.
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Gaming Headquaters
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
Missed some entries? Then simply jump back 10 entries